The daily articles on do not only refer to the big winners of jackpots on games of chance such as lotteries or even online slot machine-style games. We also take a rather attentive look at what is going on behind the scenes, and more particularly on the side of the developers and publishers of these games which are the delight of land and online casino players.

But if you like stories of big winnings that sometimes turn out of the ordinary, we invite you to come tomorrow morning on our blog to discover this little and new story of two players who won £ 4 million in the lottery… but no ‘have almost no chance of getting the money back… In the meantime, spotlight on a partnership that will bring fun to online gamers in the months to come!

Today, we are interested in this news that has just fallen in the ear of our editorial staff. InBet Games and Wazdan have just signed a partnership, and it’s still interesting enough to have the right to an article on your favoriteblog …

InBet Games and Wazdan

You have therefore already understood it: a partnership has just been signed between the publisher Wazdan and the distribution platform Inbet Games.

Much more than a simple collaboration between the two firms, this partnership will allow the two protagonists to take full advantage of this agreement since Wazdan will be able to broaden its field of action, while InBet Games will benefit from a impressive catalog of high-billed and long-awaited games from Wazdan.

InBet Games is a very good support since it offers its new partner Wazdan a space of more than 47 countries!

InBet Games will take advantage of Wazdan…

If the publisher Wazdan enters into collaboration with the distribution platform InBet Games, the fact remains that you may not be aware of what these companies are. It is therefore for this reason that we are going to come back to these two companies.

If you do not know Inbet Games, you simply have to take into account that it is a distributor of games of chance and betting which remains particularly well established in the world of gambling given that it has to its credit more than 15,000 retail outlets. But that’s not all, since it actually represents no less than 140,000 computer systems, 100 Internet installations in more than 47 countries around the world and across 20,000 gaming terminals.

It must be said that InBet Games has not been awarded several times for nothing; knowing that it has accumulated up to 10 awards, including the famous SCB Awards, just over the past two years … But better still, it is important to note that InBet Gaming is also recognized in the profession, particularly for the quality of its offer of game.

The developer benefits from 18 years of experience in product development and knows how to stand out in a good way by respecting the standards, but also demonstrating a very great engineering in its products. In short, InBet Games is a publisher which succeeds in offering a remarkable gaming experience to players and which positions itself as a partner of choice for the firm Wazdan. And it is not those responsible for the latter who will say the opposite …

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